LE provides the industrial sector with reliable and heavy duty machinery systems including overhead cranes, air compressors, and related ancillaries

Overhead Cranes (OHC)

LE provides complete and wide variety of Overhead Cranes and accessories; including Single and Double Girder overhead Cranes, Single and Double Leg Gantry Cranes, jib Cranes and custom-designed cranes.

LE hoists are provided between 1 kg and 80 tons in wire rope hoists group, and between 250 kg and 2 tons in chain hoists group manufactured by GURALP/Turkey.

Air Compressors

LE understands that compressed air is essential for many business processes, so we offer to our clients robust and reliable range of Piston Compressors, Screw Compressors in many variants including soundproof, compressor heads, mobile, and oil free. In addition to providing needed ancillaries including dryers, filters, and safety valves.