Correct ATS for Unstable Utility Mains Sites

Frequent power outages and in particular over-voltages cause damage and provoke failures in the operation of the ATS panels that employ AC control voltage to the control unit and coils of contactors or motorized switches.

The damage caused to the control unit or the opening coils by over-voltages stops the switch from changing position even though it receives the order to do so, which consequently leads to a supply failure. The problem is compounded when the voltage that is used approaches the voltage limits of the engine unit’s tolerance range established by the manufacturer. 

Switching failures lead to outages in the end energy supply, with the consequent economic losses that this may cause to the consumer, not to mention the extra costs involved in repairs which increase the cost of the initial investment.

The recommended solution for this problem is to use DC controlled switches instead of AC controlled switches. In this way, by using a DC power supply, the elements of switches that are more sensitive to fluctuations in the electricity grid, such as coils and engine control units, are isolated from such fluctuations, thereby providing the installation with greater durability. The Dc power supply need to be 12or 24 Vdc to match with the auxiliary electric system of the generator set, i.e. the batteries of the generator set.

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